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To Kill a Mockingbird

Cast List!


                             Scout                                                 Victoria Hayes                    

                             Jean Louise Finch                             Treva King

                             Jem                                                   Max Drews

                             Atticus Finch                                    Malcom Taylor

                             Calpurnia                                          Allenda Jenkins

                             Dill                                                    Jake Harrison

                             Maudie Atkinson                              Lea DeVere

                             Stephanie Crawford                          Ree Murphy

                             Mrs. Dubose                                     Rusty Hendrix

                             Mayella Ewell                                   Samantha Helgeson

                             Bob Ewell                                         David Picht

                             Mr Gilmer                                         Dave Baker

                             Tom Robinson                                  Tracy Johnson

                             Helen Robinson                                Relda Weagant

                             Heck Tate                                          Raido McComas

                             Judge Taylor                                     James Weagant

                             Nathan / Boo Radley                        TBA

                             Reverend Sykes                                TBA

                             Walter Cunningham                          Tim Brown

                             Court Clerk                                       Andy Russell

Many, many thanks to everyone who auditioned! The level of talent shown was absolutely incredible and made this casting process terribly difficult. If you were not cast, please audition for another ACT production.  We would love to have you onstage with us!

Mockingbird Read Through will be held on Wednesday, April 15 from 6pm – 9pm at ACT.

Upcoming ACT Audition!


Three Times A Bridesmaid auditions will be held on May 30 @ 2pm and May 31 @ 5pm. Please prepare for cold readings from the script.  Information is online: Three Times A Bridesmaid Production Dates: July 24 - August 15