Box Office: (360) 293-6829


Frequently Asked Questions



What is ACT's Box Office phone number?

(360) 293-6829


When is ACT's Box Office open?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10 am - 2 pm

Thursday from 5 pm - 8 pm


 * When performances are running, the Box Office has additional hours.

Friday Performances         5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Saturday Performances     5:00 pm  8:00 pm

Sunday Performances     12:00 pm  3:00 pm




What credit / debit payment methods does ACT accept?

Visa and MasterCard.  Please have your credit card ready when reserving tickets.


What are the curtain times of performances?

Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30 pm

Sundays at 2:00 pm


* Class ACT productions are FREE and held at our Annex facility at 1020 11th St.  Most curtain times are either 2:00 pm or 7:00 pm.  Information is available on the Class ACT website at


Are tickets available for online purchase?

Tickets can now be purchased online.  Click here to go to our ticket page.

Tickets purchased online have a $2 service fee per ticket.  Tickets ordered over the phone or in person at the ACT Box Office do not carry the service fee.

There are no refunds for tickets.  You may exchange your tickets within 24 hours of the performance.  Exchanges may be done over the phone, through the box office or via the website.  (The link to exchange via the website is found on your emailed ticketing receipt.) 


How much are single tickets for performances?

All tickets for mainstage productions are $20.

Tickets for most Fringe performances are $10.

Class ACT performances are FREE.

All sales are final. Exchanges are subject to availability.


When can I buy single tickets for the each production?

Tickets go on sale to the general public on the Monday after closing of the previous main stage production. 

Our Box Office staff is very prompt in returning phone calls, so please call the Box Office number and leave a message.

If you are interested in purchasing ten or more tickets for a single performance, you may purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public.  These purchases must go through the Box Office.


How can I purchase season tickets, how much are they, and what do they include?

Season tickets can be purchased through the Box Office from September to December every year, while supplies last.  There are a limited number of season tickets available each year.

Season tickets go on sale on September 1st of each year for the following year’s productions. 

New season ticket patrons are encouraged to turn in their season ticket requests early as there are a limited number of new season tickets available each year.

Season tickets are currently $100 per person, and this includes a ticket to each of our 6 main stage productions for the price of 5.

Season tickets reserve an individual seat for any performance on the same date in a production’s run (for example: Seat A-1 on the 1st Friday of each show). 

Current season ticket holders have the option of reserving their current seat for the following season’s productions, as long as they reserve by the cut off date of October 31st.  On November 1st, if there are any season tickets available for the next season they will go on sale.  New season ticket requests will then be considered in the order in which they were received.

Season ticket holders are all considered members of ACT, can vote at our Play Day event every May (which selects shows to consider for the following year’s season), can vote on any ACT general membership business (elect Board members, approve budget, etc.), and receive our monthly ACT newsletter.

We love our season ticket holders!  They are truly integral to ACT’s success.

You may refer to the chart below when selecting your tickets.  Subject to availability on each performance night.

 ACT Theatre Seating Chart


Does ACT have any ticketing fees?

Only if tickets are purchased online with a $2 service fee per ticket.  Otherwise, ACT strives to keep costs low for our patrons and does not include any additional charges on any purchase, including exchanges.


Do you offer last-minute seating?

ACT offers Stand-By seating for sold-out performances.  If there are empty seats in our auditorium at the time of curtain, we will fill those seats with Stand-By patrons.

Often, season ticket holders or other patrons will not attend the performance on the evening of their tickets.  Patrons will also bring in their tickets on the performance date to be resold.  ACT can sometimes seat up to 10 stand-by patrons for a single performance.

If patrons would like to attend a performance via Stand-By, they must arrive at the theatre prior to curtain (30-45 minutes prior for best results), check in with the Box Office staff and REMAIN IN THE BUILDING for priority seating. 

Box Office staff will call names in the lobby as tickets become available in the order listed.

*There is no guarantee that Stand-By patrons will be seated.


Do you offer discounts?

The only discount ACT offers is with season tickets.  Season tickets include tickets to our 6 mainstage productions for the price of 5.


Can I purchase gift certificates?

Yes!  Gift certificates are available for purchase and are redeemed at the ACT Box Office.


Are my tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, all ticket sales are final and non-refundable.


Can I exchange my tickets for another performance of the same show?

Yes.  ACT offers a free ticket exchange program for season ticket holders.

* Tickets to be exchanged must be received by the ACT Box Office at least 24 hours before the performance date printed on your original ticket.  Exchanging your tickets at least a week in advance, however, gives ACT a better opportunity to fill your empty seats.

* Tickets may be exchanged only for another performance within the run of that play.  All exchanges are subject to ticket availability.

* To exchange in person, simply bring your tickets to the ACT Box Office during open hours.  Reserving your replacement dates by phone in advance guarantees that we have a date that works for you.


Are there two different performance spaces at ACT?


All mainstage performances and many Fringe productions are performed at the main ACT facility, located at 918 M Ave. in Anacortes (the corner of 10th St. and M Ave.).

Some Fringe productions and all Class ACT performances are held at our ACT Annex facility, located at 1020 11th St. in Anacortes (the corner of 11th St. and O Ave.).


What happens when I miss or arrive late for a performance?

We understand that sometimes our patrons cannot attend their scheduled performance because of an emergency, a particularly busy calendar, or last minute change of plans.

However, in order to accommodate the high demand for our productions, ACT does not guarantee seating for any late patrons.

If the patron arriving late does not receive a seat to that performance, they may contact the Box Office to inquire about availability for an upcoming performance prior to the end of the next Box Office work day (usually Monday following the weekend of performances).  Patrons inquiring beyond the next work day cannot exchange seats.  Missed performances are not eligible for a refund.


May I donate my tickets?

Yes. If you cannot attend your performance and do not wish to exchange, your tickets may be donated for tax credit. Simply return your tickets in person or by mail to the Box Office before the scheduled performance.