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If you've ever dreamed of being on the stage or even working backstage just to see it all from a different perspective, here's your chance to sign up! Come to an audition, meet the director and his/her staff, and find out what's available.

Our directors welcome new faces and talent! Although everyone is nervous, the crews strive to make the audition process a positive and fun experience. Scripts (and musical numbers for musicals) are available for preview in the office.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for an audition, please contact us.

Young Frankenstein Cast List!


 Young Frankenstein

Cast List!



Stuart Marshall                                Frederick Frankenstein

Tim Brown                                          Igor, Quartet Tenor #1

Rebecca Launius-Brown                                                Inga

Eowyn Da Silva                                                 Frau Blucher

Eva Nelson                                                               Elizabeth

Dale Aspelund                                                           Monster

Trey Hatch                                                    Inspector Kemp

Ron Wohl                                                                     Hermit

Nick Martin        Victor Von Frankenstein, Quartet Tenor #2

Chris Pelletier                                                               Ziggy



Gary Baal                                                    Steward, Villager

Mark Backlund                             Shoe Shine Man, Villager

Sydney Brady                          Villager #3, Mad Scientist #3

Calvin Brown                                                    Bob, Villager

Adrianna Crommett            Seeing Off Woman #1, Villager

Heather Degroot                              Tasha, Student, Villager

Debbie Goldstein                             Telegraph Boy, Villager

Abigail Hansen                                              Basha, Villager

Emily Harpel                                               Woman Villager

Carolyn Hatch                       Herald, Mrs. Dracula, Villager

Nancy High                                   Mad Scientist #4, Villager

Brooke Hofstetter  Seeing Off Woman #2, Student, Villager

Amanda James                                        Villager #4, Student

Ryan Linman                                          Student #1, Villager

Darby Loescher                                                         Villager

Raiðo McComas  Quartet Baritone, Mordecai, Student, Villager

Paulina McDaniel                                         Masha, Villager

Amanda McDaniel                                               Villager #1

Katie McEldowney                                Student #3, Villager

Dawn Meade                                 Mad Scientist #1, Villager

David Picht                                            Mr. Hilltop, Villager

Dakota Robb-Bryan                              Student #2, Villager

John Roberson      Purser, Count Dracula, Student, Villager

Val Thomas                                  Mad Scientist #2, Villager

Bailey Wend                                                              Villager

August Wolff-Storey                     Quartet Bass, Villager #5

Heather Wolff-Storey                                               Villager

Giulia Wood                                                         Villager #2


To those who were not cast, thank you so much for auditioning!

We had such so much talent at the auditions, making this casting truly difficult. 


Please audition for any upcoming ACT show, including

Anne of Green Gables - September 16th and 17th @ 6 pm. 


Information for all upcoming auditions is on the ACT website!