Anne of Green Gables Cast!

Anne of Green Gables Cast

                        Matthew Cuthbert                                          Tim McLaughlin

                        Marilla Cuthbert                                              Michelle Stahl-Prud’homme

                        Rachel Lynde                                                  Beth Greatorex

                        Mrs. Barry                                                       Sunshine Stevens

                        Miss Susan Stacy                                            Veronica Crommett

                        Mrs. Allan                                                       Grace Evans

                        Aunt Josephine Barry                                     Svenja Marshall

                        Mr. Phillips                                                      Ryan Lineman

                        Stationmaster/ Mr. Sadler                               Gabe Parman

                        Reverent Bentley / Academy President          Steve Nelson

                        Reverend Allan / Jerry Boute                         Andy Russell

                        Mrs. Blewett                                                   Kessa  Holm

                        Miss Rogerson                                                Rebecca Claus

                        Mary Jo                                                           Emily Thompsen

                        Young Anne Shirley                                       Helen Larreau

                        Young Diana Barry                                         Chloe Chambers

                        Young Josie Pye                                             Daisy Youngquist

                        Young Ruby Gillis                                          Estella Walsh

                        Young Jane Andrews                                     Isabel Shainin

                        Young Tillie Boulter                                       Lucy Shainin

                        Young Bessie Wright                                      Maya Marshall

                        Young Moody MacPherson                            Kai McLaughlin

                        Young Charlie Sloane                                     Noah Olin

                        Young Gilbert Blythe                                     Cassius Tossaivanen

                        Young Jimmy Glover                                      Grant Parman

                        Minnie May Barry                                           Erin McGeehan

                        Older Anne Shirley                                         Sydney Ramsden

                        Older Diana Barry                                          Helena Pleet

                        Older Josie Pye                                               Hope Evans

                        Older Ruby Gillis                                            Trinity Bean

                        Older Carrie Sloane                                        Emma DeBoer

                        Older Jane Andrews                                       Emma Paul

                        Older Moody MacPherson                             Nathan Doebler

                        Older Charlie Sloane                                       Pierce Rosadiuk 

                        Older Gilbert Blythe                                       Ben Marshall


Thanks you so much to everyone who auditioned!


Tuesday 9/19

5:30pm     Meeting for parents of any actor under 18 years of age.

6:30pm     Read Through for all actors.  (Parents are not required to stay for read through)