Fall 6th - 8th Grade Class

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An acting class and comedic play production

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Mondays and Wednesdays: October 30th - December 6th

Time: 2:45 - 4:15 pm

Performances Friday December 8th - Saturday December 9th at 7 pm

Cost: $125

Whose idea was it to take the whole family on a road trip for this year’s vacation? No one in the Jacobs family can remember, so they don’t know if they should blame them or thank them for the wacky adventures that ensue and the crazy people they meet. All they know is that Dad wants to stop at every crazy tourist site, Mom wants to win a photo contest, Great Aunt Mitzy wants to find Elvis and the kids are hoping to survive. Wait, how did Great Aunt Mitzy get in the car? This class starts with the experience of auditioning and continues with the creation of a character, memorization of lines and a full performance with costumes and makeup. All students will receive a major role in this show that is performed for the public.

Class Instructor

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Jessica Guzik taught drama at LaVenture Middle School in Mount Vernon for four years. She directed “Disney’s Alladin” and “Disney’s Mulan” for LaVenture Middle School. She has been the lead instructor for many 3rd - 6th and 7th - 12th grade classes for the Class Act program, including this summer’s musical production of “The Lion King Jr.”